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Shift 2 unleashed

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Shift 2 unleashed

Post  Marelly on Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:46 pm

Release Date US March 29

Shift 2 Unleashed preview: The new look of racing sims
Now that the dust has started to settle around Gran Turismo 5, EA is pulling off the sheet on its Need for Speed: Shift sequel. Simply Shift 2 Unleashed -- no "Need for Speed" in the title -- the racer represents returning developer Slightly Mad Studios' continuing effort to make players feel like they're actually driving some of the world's most powerful cars.
I recently played around with the game, if all-too-briefly. Shift 2 is still months away from its planned release next spring, but the standout addition, a new "helmet cam" view, was fully functional -- and something I think racing fans will be wowed by -- in the preview build. Evolving from the driver's eye camera system in the first Shift, the new camera view not only realistically recreates the effects of g-forces, bumps, crashes, acceleration and braking from an in-car perspective, but now integrates the portions of the helmet that you'd see (if you were a real, careful race car driver) and, most importantly, the camera now looks into turns, just as drivers do in real life.

What sounds like a neat gimmick proved to be a potential game-changer during the two races I competed in. The helmet cam shifted to always focus on the apex of a turn as I went into it -- essentially, an automated head-tracking system!

In addition to the incredibly realistic new camera view, Shift 2's presentation appeared to be a step beyond its predecessor, thanks to an entirely new rendering engine. The sequel is noticeably better looking than the original, with more realistic lighting, car damage, particle effects and an even greater sense of speed while still running at or a bit above 30 frames per second. Night driving is also something new to the sequel and plays to the game engine's ability to render realistic headlight beams -- often the only substantial sources of light in these races.

Looking beyond the presentation, an EA representative confirmed to me that, while the game will retain the XP system from the first Shift, it will ditch the nitpicky classification of players as either precision or aggressive drivers. Then there's the matter of the title itself: Shift 2 Unleashed with no Need for Speed to be found. EA dropped the franchise naming primarily to ensure that (casual) consumers didn't confuse Shift 2 as a sequel to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, especially since it'll launch relatively close to Criterion's arcade-style racer (which was released earlier this month). Shift 2 is still considered a Need for Speed title, though, right down to the series emblem in its logo.

While there are risks inherent in a complete graphics engine overhaul and the incorporation of a "realistic" camera system, Shift 2 left me impressed after a first, short encounter. The original is one of the best sim racers, well, ever -- and that's a lot to live up to. But this sequel feels right on track to finish just as strong.


Official Website:

steve said: are details like brake dust on wheels, bugs on windschield etc going to be implemented into the game/ little details like this really add up to the experience of a game like this....

Absolutely - one of the areas we focused on this year was "The Driver's Battle" which includes both build up of dirt and scratches on the car as it progresses through the race (including debris thrown up from the car you're drafting and bugs hitting the windscreen) and degradation of the track (skid marks, gravel/sand pulled onto the track, damage to armco, and marbles).

If you look closely inside the cockpit also you'll see working dials for oil temperature and pressure etc, and if you rev the engine you'll see various components like windscreen wipers and catch nets vibrating appropriately.

grk said:

Great job on the game! It looks awesome! I have one quick question though: How realistic is crashing. I remember in Forza 1, if you crashed into a wall, the steering would be off and the car would have less power. What would happen if I crashed into a wall in S2U?"

Crashing in SHIFT 2 is all about trying to recreate that feeling of dread that you'd feel in real life. In most driving games you can happily bounce off the walls without any fear but we tried to recreate the true disorientating and frightening experience that is crashing, with visual and audio effects. On top of that, in SHIFT 2, you can now choose to have the damage model fully enabled, with damage being taken by your car to any number of critical parts, including bodywork, suspension, drivetrain, engine and ripping your wheels off.
Also this year we've improved the in-air physics and damage models of the cars to ensure that not only do crashes/barrel rolls look visceral and heart-stopping but are authentic to how they then affect performance and handling. So yes, you might find your car pulling to the left, or if it's a really big crash, missing a tire with the drivetrain busted!

Dragawn said:

Just wondering: -I've seen in the realism video that the weight is calculated with the physics model, but do the physics include the weight distribution of the car ? And of the engine swaps? Not just preset that the car goes oversteer more or something like that, but really a different weight distribution.

Yes weight is calculated like the real thing. Engine swaps do change the weight and weight distribution.

luke said:

one question can u put stickers on the windows?

After much feedback in SHIFT from people that they wanted to be able to put stickers on the windows, we now support this in SHIFT 2.

Rattleface Blouses said:

I'm rather upset that photomode questions were not asked or answered. I love sim games, but I am also a photographer. To be honest, Shift 1's photomode was piss poor. Bad compression, bad everything. Will this be improved in Shift 2?

The photo mode in Shift2 is significantly enhanced over what was available in Shift1. You can now access photo mode at any time during a career, quick race, a replay, and directly in the garage. The photomode controls allows you to cycle through all the various camera views (including trackside cams) and also allows you to toggle to a 'walk' mode where you can freely move around the car, rotate/pitch/roll/pan/zoom the camera, and set up the shot exactly as you want it.
Don't forget also that you can also share your photos (and replays) via Autolog.


Good that you answered the questions, got me even more happy!!

So how is it gonna be with the adjustments regarding the handling of the cars? Brakes/ springs etc

All tuning affects the car's handling as it does in real life and this time round we're going into far more detail than there was in Shift 1... installing new parts on your car will unlock new tuning options and you can test out changes on the track using our new Live Tuning option. Once you're happy with the setup you can then save it to either a specific track or a group of tracks that are similar (eg.. all Oval tracks or all Drift tracks).

We've also included a live telemetry readout that details friction, g-forces, and tire temperature/suspension data so you can see your handling and performance in real time.

Gonzi said:

Hi there, I have 2 questions about multiplayer.

1) I like to challenge my friends with selected car on selected tracks but I need to be sure, they hadnt use any asistance - will there be a way, how to check this? (in Shift 1 we have to record replay with fraps and show that settings in menu)

2) Will there be any matchmaking system for multiplayer? = I dont wanna race people, which are far better than me - it is not fun. I would love to, if there will be some dynamic online rank, which will grow or shrink based on your online wins/loses and when you will find some online game, there will be people with aproximatelly same rank.

There is no option to filter by a specific handling mode, but you can now filter by camera view. So if you want to ensure everyone is driving from helmet cam the option is available.

Matchmaking incorporates a number of criteria but always tries to connect you with players of a similar Driver Level to your own with good connection speeds. You can keep track of your Online Wins/Losses, Online Play Time and your Driver Level from within the Autolog Driver Profile tab.

Fans will also be pleased to hear too that we've included two new matchmaking rules to address feedback we heard back from you guys on Shift 1 that aggressive players were ruining your experience by constantly trading paint or crashing into you on the first corner...

Although we've removed visibility of Aggression vs Precision from the game, we still monitor it under the hood and now use it when matchmaking. This means that if you drive well, you'll be matched up against other similar guys. The second is your Disconnect % - ie.. if you're a bit of a sore loser and pull the cable out of your machine when you're not winning then you're gradually gonna find it harder to play with those that are there to genuinely have a good time on the track.

grudas said:

Could you please let me know if shift 2 has Anti Aliasing on PC of course.

Yes, we have a deferred rendering engine which supports 4xMSAA and up to 16 x anisotropic texture filtering.

4ZFEED said:

One question, how big will the garage be this time? is it big enought that you could fit one of everything in it or even more than one of the same model?

Garage Slots have been removed in Shift 2 Unleashed so you can comfortably fit one of every car in now. It's also possible to have several versions of the same car model in your garage now with SHIFT2 UNLEASHED.

Cuci Mata:

System Requirement:

Minimum System Requirements:

Required – Internet Connection
OS – Windows XP (SP3) / Vista (SP2)/ Windows 7
Processor – Intel Core™️2 Duo 2.0 GHz / AMD X2 64 2.4GHz
Memory – 2.0 GB
Hard Drive – 7 GB
DVD Drive – 8 SPEED
Video Card – DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D-accelerated 512 MB video card with Shader Model 3.0 or higher
Sound Card – DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX – Version 9.0c
Online Multiplayer – 512 Kbps or faster; 2-12 Players
Input – Keyboard, Mouse, Supported Game Controllers
Optional – USB Steering Wheel / Dual Analogue Gamepad

*Supported chipsets: ATI HD3000 Series or greater; NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series or higher or greater

Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required.

EA Download Manager Users require 8.16 GB additional space for temporary installation files

*NOTE – To install the game properly on Windows XP/Windows Vista, you will need administrator access to your machine. Consult your Windows XP/Windows Vista documentation for more information.

Required Software:
DirectX 9.0c

Officially Supported Steering Wheels:

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
Logitech Driving Force GT
Logitech Formula Force EX
Logitech Driving Force
Logitech Driving Force EX
Logitech Driving Force RX
Logitech Driving Force Pro
Logitech MOMO Force
Logitech MOMO Racing
Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch
Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience
Thrustmaster Ferrari 430
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S

Nascar Racing Wheel
Logitech Driving Force
Logitech Driving Force EX
Logitech Driving Force Pro
Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
Logitech Driving Force GT – full support for all buttons and dial
Thrustmaster F430 FFB
Thrustmaster RGT FFB Clutch

Xbox 360
Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo

Download Link:


ekstrak dengan winrar lalu mount iso dengan daemon tool/alcohol/dll

Sorry gan kalo kebanyakan b.inggris coz g sempet terjemahin,jadiii terjemahin aja sendiri ya bt10

Sumber: Mbah Google &

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Bikin mobil ceper dan hellaflush

Post  Marelly on Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:54 pm

misi oom gw ada tips buat bikin ceper mobil di shift 2. bikin velg ampe celup ke body.

kalo yang udah tau maap" yaks jarang mantau thread soalnyaaa
kayak gini:

tinggal "tune" di option


biar bikin camber negative (bikin hellaflush)

2. ALIGNMENT : FRONT dan REAR CAMBER yang diubah, NEGATIVE semua alias mentok kiri

3. Enter, save, pilih sirkuit, all, save... oke deh jadii...
biar enak "springs"nya dibikin stiff (kaku/keras)

1. lebih enak buat mobil RWD. buat ngedrift enak. buat racing juga boleh. diatur aja ama juragan enaknya gimana. beda mobil beda settingan.

mobil yang lumayan dijadikan hellaflush: Lexus IS-F, AE86, RX7 FC dan 200SX (Pengalaman gw)

2.mobil bonus dari Drift academy juga hellaflush..hehehe

3. cuman nampak kalo udah di sirkuit. kalo di garage gak bakal keliatan Razz

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Tips tuning

Post  Marelly on Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:01 pm

Tips Tuning Drift:
pilih mobil yang cocok gan, ga semua enak buat drift, paling gampang menurut ane pake Nissan Silvia S15 aja dulu, trus juga upgrade performance nya jgn ketinggian malah susah bgt dikendaliin gan

tune basic sih cuma naikin steering lock aja, tp jangan tinggi2 gan, ane malah gagal drift mulu kalo steering locknya ketinggian
kalo lebih advancenya lagi:
1. brake balance condong ke front dikit, brake pressure juga kurangin dikit
2. ban pressure yg belakang dikurangin dikit.
3. downforce lebih gigit yang front, yg rear dikurangin.
4. suspension, swaybars aja yg dikerasin, kalo spring rate dll biarin aja di 0

kalo udah tune, tinggal nge drift nya aja. menurut ane ngedrift emang susah, musti tau karakteristik mobil yg agan bawa, sebenernya ane jg stress waktu belajar drift tapi lama2 bisa kok, coba aja quick drift di nevada depot open (kalo gasalah namanya ya gan) enak disitu open bgt tempatnya.

Belajar muter bikin donut yg perfect, trus coba changing direction, changing direction emang susah gan!
pas kira kira udah mau change direction lepas gas, pas traksi udah dapet lagi banting setir ke arah yg diinginkan trus gas dan langsung countersteer, jangan lupa mainin gas gan. terus juga bisa pake e-brake, ini susah bgt gan, ane aja belajar terus terusan supaya bisa, kalo pake e-brake misal saat masih ngedrift belok ke kiri langsung tarik e brake (dalam keadaan steering msh countersteer/kanan) otomatis mobil langsung changing direction, narik e-brake juga jgan lama lama, feeling lepas e-brake pas kira kira pas mobil udah dalam posisi lurus, langusng countersteer lg dan bejek gas.

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Tips Handling!!

Post  Marelly on Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:02 pm

nih ane kasih setting Handling yang bikin segalanya jadi lebih mudah:

Handling mode : Novice
Steering assist : YES
Breaking assist : YES
Anti-lock brakes : YES
Traction control : YES
Stability control : YES

Adjust Control > Advance
Force Feedback Strenght : 30%
Steering deadzone : 15%
Steering Sensitivity : 100%
Throttle deadzone : 15%
Throttle Sensitivity : 100%
Brake deadzone : 15%
Brake Sensitivity : 100%
Clutch deadzone : 15%
Clutch Sensitivity : 100%
Speed Sensitivity : 100%
Speed Sensitivity (Drift) : 100%

Pokonya Deadzone ke kiri, sensitivity ke kanan.
Dicoba gan, dijamin kagak bakalan komplain handling lagi.

Tapi menurut ane feeling simulasi jadi ilang jadi lebih arcade. so buat yang masih pengen simulasi kagak perlu pake settingan di atas.

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o3 | Moderator

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Re: Shift 2 unleashed

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